Why choose Savoye for your career? Learn more about our Team Base Culture

19 Apr Why choose Savoye for your career? Learn more about our Team Base Culture

Why is Working in a Team Base Culture

with Team Savoye Beneficial?


First of all, what is this thing called Team Base?

  • Team base is a business model that focuses on Culture, leadership, systems, and financial health. At Savoye, we also utilize the Team Base Pay system which is hourly but a whole lot more that benefits each provider and a healthy company. Working for a healthy company is important to your growth!
  • Pay is based upon behavior, teamwork, and value an individual brings to the company. Again, bringing more opportunities to everyone than any other business model. Yes, it’s a fact. Keep reading 


How is the pay different?

  • It’s not commission, salary, or what is left after expenses. It is a guaranteed hourly pay plus gratuities. You can make more money and grow in our company by bringing more value to the company. How? Glad you asked! Keep reading.


How much money will I make?

  • That’s up to you and the value you bring to the company
  • We create a career path to help coach you to your goals
  • Yes, we pay hourly but it’s so much more
  • As an established stylist, we will start your wage typically where you are currently, we have a formula to use and we look at the value you bring.
  • After 60 and 90 days, we re-evaluate your pay. We want you to thrive and grow!
  • We offer potential to make more than commission or as an independent.
  • Again your pay is based on the value you bring not your clientele, we have plenty of new guests coming in!
  • We pay for ALL hours scheduled even if there’s an opening or you had a cancellation. Yes, really! No more panicking.
  • A Consistent check helps with budgeting, getting loans, or planning your life.


I am currently an independent, What about taxes?

  • You will be a W-2 employee, no worring about doing quarterlies. Taxes are completed by our accountant and taken from each paycheck with the deductions that you choose
  • Did you know, you are taxed higher as a sole proprietor? Another way to keep more money in your pocket as an employee
  • Also, No more need to do bookkeeping on your time off or supply shopping


What about flexible hours?

  • We believe in work/life balance.
  • Schedules are flexible to fit your needs, we work hard to accommodate the needs of your life because then you are refreshed and engaged 100% while at work. Our lives change, so do our scheduling needs.
  • Flexible schedule is working your scheduled hours and not being convinced  to work outside of your scheduled time. Flexibility is NOT working outside of your scheduled hours which is often done as a sole proprietor.
  • Imagine having and trusting others on your team to take care your schedule full of guests on day that you are sick or have an emergency? It’s a lot less stressful than trying to find another day to fit a full schedule in. PLUS we have happy customers that get to keep their original time.


Because team is a focus, How can I still be me?

  • Team base does not mean you are a robot.
  • We encourage you to grow individually and be YOU.
  • We believe if our company grows as a whole, it gives larger growth for everyone. Teams can achieve so much more than one person alone. The proof is in the numbers.


I miss being with a team and collaborating, will I have that at Savoye?

  • Have growth within the company outside of what your hands can do. You have an amazing brain, let’s use it to tap into your other talents!  (Do I have your attention yet?)
  • COLLABORATION is part of our culture.. be part of a team that loves to grow, learn, and create together.
  • It’s great to have support externally but what about having “in house” support AND collaboration with your team EVERYDAY!
  • We bring the best educators in-house: classes are fully paid for AND you are paid to attend.
  • Team/culture-have a team that stands behind each other to grow personally and professionally
  • Accountability-yes, we all need someone to push us a bit to reach our maximum potential. In a culture that is supportive,  healthy accountability helps us reach our goals!


Are there other benefits to working at Savoye and being Team Base?

  • The list could get lengthy, so below are some of the major ones.
  • Imagine….. health insurance, dental, PTO, product discounts, coaching, financial literacy, Internal Training, paid training and education,  and more!
  • Digital tools such as Meevo2, a cloud-based booking/ POS system and Vish making colors measuring consistent and no waste
  • Full front desk support, no more spending your off time contacting customers.
  • Goal setting: A Goal without a plan is simply a Dream. We make plans as a company and individually.
  • Coaching/Mentoring-we have a mentoring program to help us reach goals that we set for ourselves.
  • Being able to restore your personal comfort..aka eating a meal without inhaling it, using the restroom, or getting a drink of water. In fact, we push for this and make it happen!
  • Having a Leader that listens and hears what you are saying and loves to hear and implement your ideas!


I want to be a leader and do bigger things in our industry, can I achieve at Savoye?

  • Ah YES! We encourage that!!
  • You can have roles such as management, Creative team director, Director of Outreach, or honestly whatever you can dream up to bring to the team without all of the stresses of “owning”.
  • Guess what? You get paid your same hourly rate to that. No jumping through hoops around commission rates or not being paid at all.


So what’s the catch, it sounds too good to be true?

  • There is no catch! It’s really this simple. Be part of a team for collaboration and grow further professionally that you could not do alone.
  • Our industry makes it too complicated with pay structures and smoke in mirrors effects including the feeling that being a sole proprietor is the ONLY way to success.
  • Being a sole proprietor has a LOT of extra responsibility that most don’t realize. It’s a 24/7 job!
  • Savoye’s team base culture was designed to be nurturing, a place to grow personally and professionally to create a chain of good in the community and beyond.
  • We like to keep it all Super Simple and it can make it seem like there’s a catch, I get it. I created Savoye with my background of what I saw in my almost 25 years in the industry. I wanted to rid of all heavy stuff and make an amazing culture that promotes growth, collaboration, communication, fun, and being all that you want to be in your career at what ever level that is. And absolutely NO drama allowed here!   We work hard and we play hard.



Excited to learn more?

Contact us…info@savoyesalonspa.com or call Michell 920.434.4247. We are excited to talk to you!

Want to see the inside of Savoye?  Check out our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7hg7qfw54s&t=30s






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