How is your skin?

18 Jan How is your skin?

Hello Savoyists and Happy 2021!

Who knew we would still be in masks at this point.  For some, you have been wearing masks everyday since the Pandemic started. Have you noticed your skin going through major changes, such as break outs, dry patches, or irritation?

We have honestly seen those with the best of skin having issues.  There are solutions to help!

At Savoye, we continually have guests coming in with skin concerns and have been working with our estheticians.  Many are getting facials to not only enjoy some needed relaxation, but to have an esthetician get their skin back on track with exfoliation, hydration, and also promotion good blood flow to the service with massage.

If you have never had a facial at Savoye, let us explain to you what it involves.

First you will fill in a Savoye Intake form that  informs your esthetician about you and what is going on.  The more open you are with your esthetician, the more they can help you.

Your facial will be customized to what your needs are using Aveda skincare products and your esthetician will talk you through the process to help you understand and feel comfortable.

You will experience massage on your face, hands, decollate, and feet all while relaxing to soothing music on a warmed bed. Ahhhh…….

After your facial treatment, your esthetician will guide you into home care that best suites your needs and your lifestyle.

What holds you back from booking an appointment today for a facial?

We are here to help and make you feel comfortable.  Our safety and sanitation protocols to COVID-19 have not waivered. You can see our detailed format on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.


We welcome you to enjoy some relaxation and get your skin feeling great again.

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