Spring Clean Your Beauty Products

07 May Spring Clean Your Beauty Products

Are you in the middle of your spring cleaning, or just getting started? Either way, spring is in the air and it may be time to take a closer look at your health and beauty products. When is the last time you thought to replace your favorite mascara or hair styling cream?

In case you didn’t know, every product has a shelf life. This is the span of time when the ingredients in your products are at their most effective. Aveda products use more than 90% natural ingredients, and therefore do not contain many of the same artificial stabilizers that other brands use. And regardless of the ingredients themselves, frequent use can introduce bacteria and other contaminants to your most loved products.

Our spring newsletter has lots of information about tell-tale signs it may be time to replace your old products. But we know you’re busy, so this one’s for you.

A handy cheat sheet of the shelf life for the 11 most common heath and beauty products!

  1. Sunscreen can typically last up to two years. However, exposure to heat (like a bottle left in the sun or a hot car) can cause the active sunscreen agent and other ingredients to break down faster.
  2. Shampoo is often used so regularly, it rarely meets its expiration date. Gel shampoos typically last longer than cream ones. Make sure the packaging is sealed tightly after use. This can help avoid dilution if being stored in the shower, as well as prevent contamination from mildew.
  3. Solid bar soap will last a very long time. As for other soaps and cleansers, they are usually stable and can be stored, unopened, for years in their packaging until opened. Once the seal is broken, expect a “shelf life” of about a year but watch out for change in color or smell, especially with cream-based formulas.
  4. Moisturizers vary based on quality and ingredients, but many good moisturizers will last up to 12 months.
  5. Serums don’t last as long as we would like them to, especially once the seal is opened. Expect about 1-2 years for these. You may see some loss in effectiveness with active ingredients, such as Vitamin C, after a year. But as long as the product appearance has not changed, it is usually safe up to 24 months from initial opening.
  6. Foundation can last up to a year. Be mindful of easily contaminated kinds, such as liquid sponge-style or cream-based formulas which require “double-dipping” or direct contact with your skin. Those should be limited to 4-6 months to prevent breakouts through contact with bacteria and yeast.
  7. Powder blushes, highlighters, and bronzers will last a few years as long as they are not broken. Gel sticks or cream blushes might dry out faster with consistent use. No matter what type you use, make sure to clean your brushes frequently to maintain the health of your products and ultimately your skin! If your gel or cream blushes get sticky, dry, smelly, or changes in texture, it is time to say goodbye.
  8. Eyeshadows, for the most part, should stand strong until empty. It’s important to keep your brushes clean so your shades stay in the best shape over the years.
  9. Mascara can last around 3-6 months if you use it daily. Because of its application and storage, it is a good idea to buy new mascara every season to avoid germs. The easiest way to tell mascara has reached its expiration is if it starts to look dry, clumpy, or overly thick on the application spooly. But if you notice an odor or have used it while you suffered a cold or eye infection, a new mascara is in your future.
  10. Lipsticks and lip pencils are best used over the course of a year.
  11. Nail polish tends to get thick, dry or sticky after 12 months. While it may seem harmless to use old nail polish, the separation of ingredients can lead to chipping or “gummy” nails. And be sure to toss any nail polish that comes into contact with nail fungus, as this is easily spread and difficult to treat.

If you have any questions about your home care routine or any of the products you use, the team at Savoye Salon Spa is happy to make recommendations based on our expertise!

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