What does a massage entail?

09 Jan What does a massage entail?

Are you unsure what a massage entails but really want to try one?

You are not alone!

We get this comment a lot when we suggest trying massage to alleviate back pain, shoulder pain or simply needing to relax.  We sometimes get the deer in the head lights look of fear.  Typically, it’s the fear of being uncomfortable undressing and being touched by a stranger.  We understand, and we want to put you at ease.

At Savoye Salon Spa your comfort is our priority allowing you to find relaxation and comfort from pain you may be trying to alleviate.  Having a massage service is an amazing experience with so many benefits.

Every massage appointment is customized to the needs of the guest. You will fill in a form that tells the therapist what is going on and your expectations.  You are then brought to the treatment room where you can talk in a calming, private environment.  You and the therapist come to an agreement of what is needed during the service.

From there, the therapist will leave the room while you enjoy a warm foot soak.  Undress to your comfort level, but do keep in mind clothing hinders the ability to give you the complete treatment.  Most underdress to their underwear, however, if that makes you uncomfortable… don’t.   For your first treatment, the therapist is happy to work around clothing.

Also keep in mind, you are covered in blankets the whole duration of your massage.  Only the area being worked on is exposed.

As the massage is performed, you have control.  If the pressure is to light or too hard, you simple let the therapist know and they will adjust.   If you start with one style like a hot stone and don’t really care for it, you are able to change it in the middle of the service. Our massage therapist knows many, many styles of massage.

At the end of your service, the therapist will let you know it has ended and give you directions of what to do.  They leave the room and when you are ready, you can get dressed.  Upon opening the door, the therapist will be waiting so you can be guided out of the spa and to answer any questions you may have.  You will be given suggestions of a wellness plan.  Be sure to book your follow appointment before you leave because in your newly relaxed state of mind, we want you to remain relaxed and not have to worry about calling to book the appointment.  It’s all about your well being.

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