Effortless Sun Protection

14 May Effortless Sun Protection

Research in the last 30 years has found that sun exposure is responsible for almost every common skin issue we experience later in life. In addition, sun damage often takes decades to come to the surface. That means the long-term effects of sun exposure in your youth can go unnoticed until you are in your 30s or later.

Do you take the time to moisturize or apply makeup every morning?One way to mitigate lasting damage (and related health risks) is to include sunscreen in your daily ritual. Adding a drop of Aveda Daily Light Guard to your liquid moisturizer, concealer, or foundation can provide protection while fitting seamlessly into your morning routine.

This lightweight, daily-use defense fluid helps protect skin from UVA & UVB rays. It also protects against damage from free radicals which are caused by factors in the environment, including pollutants. Plus, its neutral aroma is ideal for layering with your favorite skin products. If you struggle to use sunscreen on a consistent basis, we hope this trick will help you keep your skin protected without the hassle!




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